Star Wars Art
Choose art with your favorite Star Wars art with characters and scenes to decorate your galaxy. This is more on the fine art end to decorate a bedroom, living room (we recommend the pen and ink drawings of the Millennium Falcon or X-Wing Fighter), study/office (fine art lithographs) or hallway (Giclee print). A canvas works anywhere. Decorate your home with Star Wars art and show that you’re a Star Wars fan. Regardless of your style – there is something for everyone, including limited edition prints for collectors.

For comic book fans there are prints of Star Wars comic book covers. For children the Destiny series (like Little Leia’s Destiny) are playful and fun. Adults will be wowed by Princess Leia Jabba’s Bane print – showing the slave Leia on the famous bikini-style outfit she wore in Return of the Jedi. Some of the darker prints are so realistic they practically feel like the lightsabers are on and will light up the room!

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