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15 Unique Star Wars Clocks to Geek Out On

15 Unique Star Wars Clocks to Geek Out On

Are you looking for to put some finishing touches on your family or child’s room? Maybe you’re looking for the final touches on your own office? Or even want a Star Wars clock at work. It doesn’t really matter what room you’re looking to outfit, a Star Wars clock can not only look great, but start a great conversation with friends and family about the latest movie. Add the final touch to your Star Wars bedroom decor or boy cave. You really can’t go wrong with a Star Wars clock, and that’s why we have listed 15 of our favorites.

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15 Star Wars Clocks to Geek Out On

15 Star Wars Clocks for your kid’s bedroom, your office, or home.

  1. Star Wars Cordless Wood Wall Clock retro star wars clock

Looking for a classic Star Wars touch? This wooden Star Wars clock has you set. Relive the classic by hanging this on your walls for all to see. These guys also carry retro Star Wars tin signs and wall decals that we haven’t seen anywhere else. 

Price: $19.99

Store: Amazon.com

  1. Star Wars Starships and Fighters Clock

If you’re looking for something with more of a professional look then this clock is for you. YOUgNeek on etsy handmakes these, and other unique clocks that will instantly spark envy in your coworker’s eyes.

Star Wars metal clock on Etsy


Store: YOUgNeek (Etsy)

  1. Jedi Training Ball Alarm Clock

If you’re a fan of the first and original movie, or are working with a Jedi Knight, then this clock is for you. Ideal for those who oversleep because if you throw it at the wall it deactivates the alarm!

Price: ~$22

Store: ForbiddenPlanet.co.uk

  1. Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Want to wake up to the imperial march every morning? Want to proudly display the most famous villain ever? Then this clock is for you.

Darth Vader Alarm Clock Amazon

Price: $49.98

Store. Amazon.com

  1. BulbBotz Star Wars Plastic Alarm Clocks – BB-8

If you’re a big fan of BB-8 then you’ll love this basic alarm clock. This will go perfect on any desk or in your childrens room.

BB-8 Star Wars alarm clock

Price: $16.82

Store: Amazon.com

  1. Millennium Falcon Night Glow Alarm Clock

Are you like me and think the Millennium Falcon is the coolest ship in the galaxy? Want to fall asleep to the idea of navigating through and asteroid belt with Han and Chewy? Then this is the clock for you.

Millennium Falcon Night Glow Alarm Clock

Price: $26.99

Store: Amazon.com

  1. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Clocks

Want something more custom? Then the woodworkers at Old Wolf Woodshop have the clocks for you. These clocks are available only to custom orders. You’ll need to contact them directly to have one of these snazzy, amazing looking wooden clocks.

Wood star wars clock

Price: Custom order only

Store. oldwolfswoodshop.ca

  1. Galactic Empire Wall Clock

This clock will get you ready for Rogue One coming out this December. Represent the empire on any wall you’d live with this custom made star wars wall clock.

Galactic Empire Wall Clock on Etsy

Price: $22.00

Store: TackTickTack (Etsy)

  1. Star Wars Rebel Alliance Clock

Not a fan of the empire? Then show your rebellion with this rebel alliance wall clock for your house.

star wars rebel alliance clock on Etsy

Price: $27.36

Store: vapourlightlaser (Etsy)

  1. Star Wars Wooden Wall Clock

Not a fan of the metal or vinyl clocks you’ve seen so far? Are you more of a down to earth wooden clock person? Then this laser engraved wooden clock is for you, and your beautiful log cabin.

wood star wars clock

Price: $29.99

Store: EnjoyTheWood

  1. Stormtrooper Wall Clock

Looking for a more modern look? Wanting to pay tribute to some of the worst aimers in the galaxy? Then this the clock you are looking for.

Price: $59.10

Store: TheGretest

  1. The Wake You I Can Star Wars Clock

Awake you will. Buy this clock you must.

Yoda digital alarm clock

Price: $29.95

Store: hammacher.com

  1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Bulb Botz Small Alarm Clock

Get in style with the latest Storm Trooper outfits with this clock for your bedside table.

Price: $7.49

Store: Bed Bath and Beyond

  1. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wall Clock

If you’re more interested in local, handmade crafts then this beautiful wall clock is the one you’re looking for. This Millennium Falcon wall clock is pretty enough to keep you Jabba the Hut on your case.

Price: $35.00

Store: ArmTheLaser (Etsy)

  1. Star Wars Ship Millennium Falcon Vinyl Record Clock

As I mentioned earlier I love the Millennium Falcon, and I love custom made items. This clock is carved from a vinyl record, and made just for your wall. Get one of the coolest fan pieces you can get with this Star Wars clock.

vinyl record star wars clock

Price: $26.99

Store: Amazon

Hopefully one of these clocks fits your style. There are hundreds of other Star Wars clocks online. If there are any other cool, unique ones we missed, let us know in the comments below.

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