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Have a Merry Sithmas with These Awesome Star Wars Christmas Decorations!

Have a Merry Sithmas with These Awesome Star Wars Christmas Decorations!

It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here!  Time to get that house decked out! Start shopping for gifts and prepare your home for Christmas.  If your family is full of Star Wars aficionados, you can make this Christmas truly memorable with Star Wars-themed Christmas decorations.

Thanks to the release of the new Star Wars films, there are hundreds of Star Wars Christmas decorations and toys to choose from — everything from Star Wars Christmas lights through to Star Wars Christmas cards.

You can carefully craft your home into an abode that the Darth Vader himself would enjoy or focus on the Rebel Alliance and make you Christmas party all about Ewoks!  The neighbor’s Christmas party will look like bantha fodder compared to your awesome Star Wars party.  Here are a few of the best Star Wars Christmas decorations.

It's a Star Wars Christmas!

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

There are dozens of cool Star Wars Christmas ornaments to choose from.  They are perfect for decorating your tree or placing around your home. Here’s one we like: Star Wars Christmas Ornaments and these highly reviewed Christmas ornaments from The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Christmas ornaments
Star Wars Episode 7 Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma Christmas Ornament Set

Kylo Ren & Captain Phasma Christmas Ornaments
These highly detailed ornaments are 4.50” tall and look fantastic.  They are officially licensed, so they are very well made.  A great choice if your family has gone to the dark side of the force!

Star Wars Chewbacca Christmas Ornament by Hallmark:

  • 5 inches tall
  • Great look for your Christmas tree

Chewbacca Christmas Ornament

This Chewbacca ornament is so cool that you will want to keep using it after Christmas is over!  Amazon also has other ornaments in the same style including Darth Vader and Yoda.

Hallmark Star Wars Yoda Christmas Ornament

Everyone knows that Yoda is a great looking guy.  But did you know that Yoda looks even better in a Santa suit?  This 21” plush toy is the perfect Star Wars Christmas ornament for your lounge room.



And pretty much everyone needs Star Wars string lights. You need them all year – not just for holidays. For your bedroom…or even better, your desk at work!

stormtrooper string lights

Star Wars Christmas Cards

If you are going to have a Star Wars Christmas, it’s important to get the invitations right.  These Star Wars Christmas cards will immediately get people into the mood for an inter-galactic Christmas!

Star Wars Yoda Christmas Cards-Boxed Holiday Assortment
If you are a Yoda fan (who isn’t), then this set of Yoda cards is a great choice for this Christmas.

Star Wars Christmas cards -Yoda

18 Star Wars Merry Sithmas Greeting Cards Boxed Set

This pack contains 18 very funny Star Wars Christmas cards.  Each card has a funny image on the front, and you can write a corny Star Wars joke on the inside.


Star Wars Holiday Cards (24 cards/24 envelopes)

This set includes 24 cards (6 each of 4 designs).  The characters featured on the cards include  Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and C-3PO.


Star Wars Christmas Lights

Having Star Wars Christmas lights will really set the mood on the your home.  There are many to choose from — here are a few of the best.

Yoda Holiday Lights

Let Yoda help you reach the light side of the force by illuminating your home!  These lights are perfect for a Christmas tree or for placing around a room.  Each set of lights is 11.5 feet long and includes 10 injection molded plastic lights in the shape of either Yoda or R2-D2

Kurt S. Adler Star Wars Christmas Lights
These light strings are 138-inches long and feature 10 Star Wars lights.  They are available with many different Star Wars characters including R2-D2, Storm Troopers, Santa Yoda, and Boba Fett.

Star Wars Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a great way to get the kids excited about Christmas!  These Star Wars advent calendars are so much fun that even the adults will be looking forward to opening a door each day.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Building Kit

Star Wars Advent

This calendar has different Lego Star Wars-themed gifts behind each of the 24 doors.  It includes battle droids, vehicles, and lightsabers.  After all 24 gifts have been opened, you can play a Star Wars game with the pieces.

Star Wars Christmas Shirts

Dressing up in Star Wars Christmas shirts and Star Wars Christmas sweaters can also be great fun!  Here are a few of the most stylish shirts and sweaters.

Star Wars Christmas Shirt — Yoda Elf I Am Not
Yoda really wants people to know he is not a Christmas elf!

Darth Vader finds your lack of cheer disturbing.  You must have a merry Christmas or get choked by Lord Vader!  There is also an incredible Star Wars Christmas sweater and tshirts. A sweater means you now have something to wear to the company party this year. That’s called dressing up and getting into the season.

Star Wars Christmas Shirt — Yoda Nice Or Not Nice

As Yoda reminds the kids, be nice or not nice, there is no try!

Star Wars Christmas Album

Christmas music always helps to get guests in the mood for Christmas.  Use this fantastic Star Wars Christmas Album – the LP is actually red and it has that vintag vibe.

Star Wars Christmas album

Star Wars Christmas Decorations – Outdoor

Why not let the neighbors know about your passion for Star Wars with these cool outdoor Star Wars Christmas decorations?  If they don’t like your style, use the force to knock over the lame reindeer in their front yard!

There’s LED lawn decorations and even Vader wearing a cheery robe and hat!


We hope you found our guide to Star Wars Christmas decorations helpful.  These decorations will transform your Christmas party into an exciting event that any Sith lord would be thrilled to attend!  If you are still stumped for Star Wars Christmas ideas, contact us for some hint and tips.



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