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Lightsaber Windshield Wipers for the True Star Wars Fan's Car

Lightsaber Windshield Wipers for the True Star Wars Fan’s Car

Check out these lightsaber windshield wipers for your car. They attach to the back windshield wipers of almost any kind of car.

lightsaber windshield wipers - blue

If you combine them with decals of Darth Vader or other Star Wars car accessories, you will have a truly tricked out car. If you want to go all the way you can fully outfit your car with Star Wars license plate covers,

Star Wars license plate cover

seat covers, decals,

Star Wars family car decals

mats, car phone chargers and more.

Star Wars death star phone car charger

Or buy a Star Wars car…but back to the windshield wipers…here’s a video that shows how they work:

Lightsaber Windshield Wipers

These windshield wipers come from a new company called WiperTags.  You can attach the covers to any size window that has rear wipers.  They are durable, flexible, weather resistant, fade resistant and fully legal. They’re also interchangeable so you can get a new look for any time of the year (red lightsabers during Christmas). You can get different colored lightsabers: red, blue, green or purple.

The 17″ SaberForge designs will fit all minivans and most cars and SUVs. It does not have to be the same length as your wiper blade and usually overhangs at the top or bottom. Just make sure you have enough clearance prior to ordering. If they are too long for your car, order the 15″ lightsabers. They are totally legal and will not damage your car.

They’ve been tested at high speeds and various weather conditions but it is a good idea to remove them before going through one of those car washes with spinning brushes.

Just be sure that you have plenty of window washing fluid because you’re going to want any excuse you can find to turn these on and see the lightsabers move.

If you want something a little more low key, there are lightsaber decals for your car:

lightsaber car decals

For the most excellent Star Wars fan only – wiper sabers!


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